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New Remixes out now!

I have invited producers and artist friends to remix & rework the track Waves taken from my first EP Tides. Have a nice trip with these remakes by Sun Glitters and Wicca. Listen HERE.


New track "Tulipe" out now

Excited to be part of this! Radio 100,7 invited me to make a track as part of their "Schlofzëmmerbléck" project, a compilation of songs written by Luxembourg artists during the lock down. I wrote the track very quickly, almost in one shot, to capture the tension between imposed slowness and sense of urgency during the lock-down. Listen HERE



Synth Nuit w/ Absolute Valentine, Silly Joy, Roüge (postponed)


Ryvage is the electronic solo project by Luxembourg based musician and producer Samuel Reinard. The name derives from the French word rivage (French pronunciation: (/riːˈvɑːʒ) meaning "shore".

Driven by his love of contrasts, produced in isolation, Reinard’s synth-driven electro-pop and its visual incarnations are a reflection of his personal obsessions, spanning from 80s sci-fi movie soundtracks and industrial electro to immersive installation art and echoes of French literature.

The name Ryvage sums it up really well: “My home base Luxembourg is landlocked. To me, making music is like driving to the sea, sitting at the shore and contemplating the horizon. It is a safe and beautiful place where you can be in the moment, let your imagination go wild or travel in your mind. I also like the idea of being on the threshold of two worlds or elements. Ryvage oscillates around contrasts, change and escapism”.

He has performed live at festivals such as Food for Your Senses (LU), Zikametz (FR), Les Aralunaires (BE) and opened for artists such as Liars (US), Blanck Mass (UK), Throwing Snow (UK) and Rone (FR).


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