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Recently the GDPR laws have come into effect to protect the privacy of EU consumers.

With that in mind we wanted to just clarify how we are compliant:

1. All signups to the Ryvage Newsletter have been via a double opt-in method, which we consider to be GDPR compliant and therefore not requiring subscribers to re-confirm their subscription.

2. We will only ever use your email address to contact you via this method; we will not use it for remarketing or share it with any other third-party.

3. At any point, you are able to unsubscribe using the link we have always had in the footer of our emails. In due course (i.e. once Mailchimp implement the feature) you will also be able to fully delete your details from our mailing list.

If in the meantime you would like to exercise your right to be fully deleted from our system, just email and we will be happy to do so manually.

Please note that whilst the new GDPR legislation only applies to EU consumers, we are applying the same privacy control to all subscribers worldwide.